The Max Planck Institute of Neurobiology uses Amira software for axon tracing from head to toe

Ali Ertürk, Christoph P Mauch, Farida Hellal, Friedrich Förstner, Tara Keck, Klaus Becker, Nina Jährling, Heinz Steffens, Melanie Richter, Mark Hübener, Edgar Kramer, Frank Kirchhoff, Hans Ulrich Dodt & Frank Bradke

Ali Ertürk and his collaborators described a novel histo-chemical technique to clear spinal cord tissue of adult mice for fluorescence microscopy imaging of the intact spinal cord.

Previously, the high lipid content of the spinal cord tissue in adult mice allowed imaging of the spinal cord only through destructive histological methods, making the tracing of complete axons impossible. As applied in this study, the improved histo-chemistry enabled Ertürk and his colleagues to show that not only growth-competent axons, but also axons previously considered growth-incompetent show regenerative features after spinal cord trauma.