Centre of Rotation of the Human Subtalar Joint Using Weight-Bearing Clinical Computed Tomography

Marta Peña Fernández, Dorela Hoxha, Oliver Chan, Simon Mordecai, Gordon W. Blunn, Gianluca Tozzi & Andy Goldberg

The subtalar joint describes an articulation between talus and calcaneus, forming one of two joints of the hindfoot with the tibiotalar or ankle joint above the talus and the subtalar joint below. The talus comprises of three facets (anterior, middle and posterior) that articulate with the mating facets on the calcaneus at the subtalar joint. The bones are connected by a complex of ligamentous structures that connect the talus to the calcaneus and both structures to the adjacent navicular bone, which is intricately involved in hindfoot and midfoot motion (Fig. 1). The subtalar joint is the primary joint involved in motion and posture of the hindfoot in the frontal plane. Motion is complex and it combines dorsiflexion, abduction and eversion in one direction and plantarflexion, abduction and inversion in the other.

How Amira-Avizo Software is used

Avizo Software is used to visualize and analyze the images acquired using Weight-Bearing Clinical Computed Tomography.

Advanced semi-automatic segmentation, Digital volume correlation were perform using Avizo Software.