Fast and precise targeting of single tumor cells in vivo by multimodal correlative microscopy

Matthia A. Karreman, Luc Mercier, Nicole L. Schieber, Gergely Solecki, Guillaume Allio, Frank Winkler, Bernhard Ruthensteiner, Jacky G. Goetz, Yannick Schwab

Intravital microscopy provides dynamic understanding of multiple cell biological processes, but its limited resolution has so far precluded structural analysis. Because it is difficult to capture rare and transient events, only a few attempts have been made to observe specific developmental and pathological processes in animal models using electron microscopy. The multimodal correlative approach that we propose here combines intravital microscopy, microscopic X-ray computed tomography and three-dimensional electron microscopy…

How Amira-Avizo Software is used

Based on landmarks, the IVM volume was registered into the microCT dataset with Amira Software, which enabled precise determination of the position of the tumor cell within the resin block and relative to its surface.